A short game about vegetable sacrifice. Made for LD 52.

You play the lone pilgrim trying to survive. You live in the wild amongst the peaceful plant-folk. But the nights are cold, and the only warmth is coming from the towering idol standing alone on a barren meadow – the Wickerman.

During the day you could mistake the menacing giant for a statue. And if you decide to ignore the whisper calling for food, it might just be the last night you try to keep warm by its fire.

So keep to your wits and don’t let the innocent and peaceful nature of the food folk around you from following your egoistical lust for survival. Slay them to keep this old angry god satisfied and you warm at night. And don’t forget the Wickerman grows more ravenous every day. Wickerman is a 2D horror survival game. The goal is to live through as many nights as possible by slaying plant-folk and feeding them to the Wickerman. When night falls you can set the Wickerman ablaze for warmth to survive the night. If you have managed to slay and sacrifice enough plant-folk the Wickerman is satisfied and grants you his warmth. If you fail he will devour you. If you don’t light the Wickerman you will die of hypothermia.


Presented to you by: Lukas Tenbrink, Sabrina Beersiek, Niklas Meffert